I came to painting late, but immediately found a new enthusiasm. My work covers a wide range of subjects, but I am particularly fond of landscape. It draws on the local city and surrounding countryside and more exotic images from holidays abroad. For instance, I have recently produced a series of paintings of Sri Lanka. My style varies but is generally described as either impressionistic or semi-abstract. My focus is always on colour.

I work mainly with acrylics and mixed media including collage.

I find my studio and its surroundings are a source of inspiration both from the space itself and the connections with its locality. For some years, I had a small, cold, but wonderful studio at Vulcan Studios. The space itself and other artists at Vulcan precipitated some of my early work. Situated between the river and the canal in Attercliffe, I made a number of paintings of Sheffield Canal and I still find resource from time wandering the area (such as a recent painting of Sheffield Junk Yard). The combination of current dereliction with memories of past industrial strength is a powerful source of ideas.